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Market Harborough Karate Club offers a comprehensive series of classes for children, teenagers and adults. We accept children from the age of 8 years old and offer a free initial taster session for all new starters.


We train every Monday and Wednesday evening at Little Bowden Primary School.


8 to 14 years

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Our Kids' classes are designed to introduce younger children to Wado-ryu karate. The syllabus is aimed specifically at the younger child and it is made as fun as possible. Kids will learn; balance, control, discipline, teamwork, focus, fitness and co-ordination.


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Our Beginners' classes are focussed on introducing Wado-ryu karate to the first-time student. We cater for all student types regardless of ability and fitness level. We cover all aspects of karate including basics, kata (or 'forms') and their application, sparring, fitness, self defence.


15 years +

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Adults can expect a varied and challenging session which works to improve all areas of their health and fitness. Classes cover all aspects of Wado-ryu karate and we work towards improving co-ordination, speed and power. There is also a fitness element to classes which includes balance training, fitness training and strength building exercises.

Specialist Classes

Juniors (8th Kyu grade and higher)

and Seniors (all grades)

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These sessions concentrate on Kata (patterns), Kumite (sparring) and Sanbon Kumite (three-step sparring techniques) as well as weapons training for adults (18+ years).

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