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Respect and self-control are basic foundations of karate training. Serious practitioners seek to improve their character as well as their physical condition through the training process.

Karate bow (Rei)

Karate is more than a sport. It teaches a way of life. As such, it commands our appreciation, respect, and Discipline. This appreciation and respect is owed to the Sensei (teacher), the dojo, and other practitioners. Rei (bowing) is the manner in which our appreciation and respect is expressed.

  • When entering or exiting the Dojo, you must bow to show respect to your place of training. We bow when entering the dojo to affirm our intention to train hard and seriously and we bow when leaving to show thanks for a good training session.

  • If you turn up to the lesson late, upon entering the dojo you kneel at the side and wait for your instructor to invite you to join the class. This includes returning from toilet breaks if the class is in progress.

  • Your belt must be securely tied. If it becomes unsecure then you should kneel before retying. Your belt must be secure before any formal bowing in/out of the class, be that upon entry/exit or during the class.

  • You should address your instructor as Sensei. Not by their Christian name.

  • When participating in partner work, you must always bow to each other before and after the practice of techniques to show mutual respect. Remember that you are responsible for the well-being of your partner with regards to not causing injury to each other through reckless behaviour and this must be shown to be understood, respected and acknowledged.

  • Show absolute obedience to your Sensei. All instructions from the Sensei or designated instructor must be followed.

  • Your training should be a serious matter. Do not talk, giggle, speak out without permission or cause general disruption during the class.

  • All shoes and clothing will be left in the community lounge/with parents.

  • When inside the Dojo, you will practise your techniques, be that kata, basic techniques or doing a warm up. No partner work (Sanbon Kumite) is allowed without supervision. Running around and excessive noise will not be tolerated. Should this happen you will be asked to leave the Dojo until the class starts.

  • Drinks breaks will not be allowed before the official break. Please ensure that a named drinks bottle is available inside the hall. Please ensure you have used the toilet before the session if required.

  • All jewellery must be removed before the training session starts to prevent injury.

  • Finger nails and toe nails should be regularly cut in order to prevent injury.

  • All karate-ka must stay inside the dojo. Inform the Sensei if you must leave the dojo. Then follow the normal procedures for leaving/re-entering the dojo.

  • In case of injury or illness, report it immediately to your Sensei.

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