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The club usually plans for three or four grading events a year. Follow this page to keep up to date on the next scheduled grading event.


Frequently Asked Questions regarding Grading:

Am I ready for my next grading?​

Students will be advised if they have attained the required skill level to take a grading. This decision is based on the student's progression through the club syllabus which is recorded on their progression planner by their instructors.

How do I apply for a grading?

Your instructor will send you an invitation; this will be handed out in good time to fill in and return to your instructor.

How much does a grading cost and what do I receive?

Gradings are £25 per student (or £20 per student if 2 or more students from the same family grade together). You will receive your next karate belt and a Club certificate.

What kit will I need to grade?

Students must wear a karate suit ('gi') to grade, ideally with an MHKC badge attached (ask your instructor if you do not have a badge). A current British Karate Association licence will also be required.  More advanced gradings will also require protective clothing as you may be asked to carry out sparring as part of the grading.