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Basics (Kihon Waza)
Repeating basic karate moves leads to good technique. This will include regular practice of stances, strikes, kicks, punches and blocks, all contributing to a solid foundation for your learning.
Kata Bunkai
Bunkai allows you to study the meaning of the kata (i.e. the attacks and responses) and how certain moves might be interpreted. Study of bunkai is interesting as there can be numerous interpretations for any  technique
Self Defence

If you want to feel confident and safe we run self defence classes, focussing on defence awareness tactics. You will learn techniques you can implement straight away in a real life situation.

Kata (Forms)
Forms (kata) are a series of consecutive moves against imaginary opponents and allow you to practice self defence by visualising an attack and your response to it.  Performance of kata requires style, balance and great timing.
Sport karate training and sparring is taught to students who want to take advantage of the most modern training aids and equipment. For those students with competitive aspirations we take part in monthly competitions at local and national level.
Initially, sparring is taught through 'basic one step sparring' or Kihon Ippon Kumite. You can view/download a pdf document of  basic ippons here
Fitness training is integral to all sessions and includes basic strength training as well as circuit training, balance training and co-ordination practice.